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Admission to Serenity House

The Mission of Serenity House is to provide the best and most accessible residential treatment in the state of Maine for men with chemical addiction.

The admission process consists of the following:

It all begins with you!  Come right in and we will meet with you to do an assessment on the spot-or you can set a time with a call to our Admissions Staff at (207) 774-2722, ext. 13.

Meet the Resident Criteria Profile which will be determined during an assessment meeting with one of our clinical staff.  We will then set an Admission Date & Time.

Note: We strive to get you in the door RIGHT AWAY!  We recognize how important treatment is to you and how big of a step this is.  If we have a bed open when you come in, we WILL offer it to you that same day.  When you get here we will work with you to make you feel right at home.  You will be assigned a counselor, meet other residents and develop a treatment plan.  We will also go over a few other items such as: 

•Intake Property Inventory

•Reviewed Resident Code of Conduct

•Reviewed Financial Responsibility Disclosure

•Complete Financial Arrangements

Please note that the admissions staff will assist you and or your family in arranging the time for admission. Our preference is Monday through Friday betwen 9AM-2PM but other options will be considered based on the your needs.

When men suffering from the disease of alcohol and drug addiction are admitted to the residential treatment program at Serenity House. They are welcomed into a caring and respectful atmosphere. We challenge and support you in taking those first steps to change their lives forever by:

•Providing a safe alcohol and drug-free environment.

•Providing substance abuse education and counseling to live alcohol and drug free.

•Providing life skills, health and wellness education.

•Providing education in healthy relationship building.

•Providing encouragement and support to find employment and become self-supporting members of the community.

•All client treatment is supervised by a licensed clinical supervisor.

•Professional consultants monitor dietary oversight and health care.

•Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Registered Alcohol and Drug Counselors and Alcohol and Drug Counseling Aides provide direct services.

In addition to the substance abuse education and treatment, clients are encouraged to improve their overall health and wellness.

•The Health Director meets with each new for an initial health assessment and makes recommendations and assists the clients to receive ongoing health care.

•Tobacco cessation is encouraged and clients have opportunity for fitness through club membership with the YMCA. (in walking distance)

•Serenity House residents also benefit from a full-time Chef who can cater to particular dietary needs and restrictions.